The hardest part of managing a business in this industry is making our brand visible and accessible to new customers.

We interviewed the owner of Urban Chauffeur Cars and he was kind enough to answer some of our questions.

Urban Chauffeur Cars

What products and services does Urban Chauffeur Cars provide its customers?

Urban Chauffeur Cars provides it’s customers with a 5 Star Chauffeur service. We provide them with transfers to and from their desired destinations, tours and wedding transfers.

How and why did Urban Chauffeur Cars come about?

We started our business many years ago, long before Uber and other ride sharing services. The market was essentially taxi’s and private chauffeurs. We wanted to give people the ability to travel in luxury at a reasonable rate.

How does Urban Chauffeur Cars differ from other similar businesses in your industry?

Urban takes pride in what we do. We love to drive, we love to share experiences with our customers and most of all we love providing each customer with an experience that makes them feel like they are super stars. With the highly competitive Uber and Taxi market, we stand above the rest and offer our customers highly experienced drivers in some of the most luxurious vehicles around.

Who does your business aim to service?

Our business aims to service anybody and everybody. We are more than happy to cater for individual requests, so long as you have somewhere to go, we will be more than happy to take you there.

What is the hardest part of managing Urban Chauffeur Cars?

The hardest part of managing a business in this industry is making our brand visible and accessible to new customers.

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What plans does Urban Chauffeur Cars have for the future?

We plan to continue to grow and to add new cars to our expanding fleet.

Would Urban Chauffeur Cars benefit from an online presence?

We already participate in various methods of increasing our presence online, such as Facebook, google AdWords and our website. Like any business however, we would benefit from further exposure.


Thanks for chatting to us today. We hope you achieve your future business goals!

Urban Chauffeur Cars


Phone: 0412 244 585


Thanks for joining us today. We hope that this short interview has helped locals get a more in-depth insight into the business.

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