Chris Smith wrote a book titled The Conversion Code where he teaches how to turn your social traffic from Facebook, Twitter, etc. into paying customers. The Conversion Code is all about capturing internet leads, creating quality appointments and closing more sales. Buy his book over at Amazon or download it on Audible.

Here are some of the main aspects from his book which should help us figure out how to Turn Leads into Sales Appointments.

Turn Leads into Sales Appointments

Capturing Internet Leads

Gone are the days of advertising to the masses hoping that you engage with some of your potential customers. With advancements in technology via social media and analytics, we can target customers based on their interests, age, location and more. This helps businesses advertise more effectively by dividing their budgets according to specific segments instead of everyone who comes across their online ads. Since most people are on social media, it only makes sense to be advertising there.

That is where landing pages come into play. Landing pages are basically really simple websites that have a sole purpose. They are purposefully designed to engage a viewer into taking a specific action. A business that provides graphic design may link to a landing page, which is setup to apply a 10% discount for any viewer willing to provide their contact details. Ideally the page has a short summary of what it is offering and a basic way to capture the user’s information.

If the business expects to make any sales, they need to gain the potential customer’s trust. Zig Ziglar said, “If people like you they’ll listen to you but if they trust you they’ll do business with you” Keeping this in mind, you want to make your website pages look trustworthy to the average user. It’s also important to keep the page as short and unobtrusive as possible to increase the likelihood of the desired call to action to be taken.

Turn Leads into Appointments

So you’ve done the hard work of capturing potential customer information, that’s it right? Nope – the struggle is just beginning. The next step is to ensure you have a reliable system to record, manage and follow up with all your new contacts. There are many FREE and paid tools to help you with this. [See our post on: 5 CRM Software Your Business Needs ] There has never been as many potential leads online as there are today, but how do we ensure we secure appointments with these leads?

When you eventually get to calling your leads, you want to uncover their true needs. Why did they sign up to you in the first place? What are their goals? Try to discover as much information from them as you can before you give away too much information. One of the keys to a successful call is to gain control over the conversation and steer the direction you want it to go. You must be assertive but not rude. This will give you a chance to dig deeper into their needs and be in a better position to offer a solution and organize an appointment.

Calling Prospective Customers

“Hyper personalize your sales pitches” Wouldn’t you agree that when an email is directed to “Dear Mr. Smith” is more effective than “Dear Sir?” The same goes for phone conversations. You want to have a wealth of information about your lead so you could connect with them on a more personal level. There’s nothing wrong with doing a quick Google, Facebook and Linked In search to find some publicly available information about your lead. You could refer to a post they did a year ago and compliment them about it. They might be taken back a bit but ultimately will start to build a rapport with you. The quicker you can gain their trust on a personal level the easier it will be to sell them something towards the end of the call or even in the future.

When they answer your questions use the technique known as ARP (Acknowledge, Respond, Pivot) Acknowledge their response by repeating what they just told you. This helps show you are on the same page. Respond by giving them confidence in how you will help them achieve their goal. Pivot by asking them more questions about themselves before you give them a definitive price or solution.

Closing Internet Leads

When closing a lead into a sale, try to associate your brand with someone that your prospect probably already trusts. (ie: Google, UBER, Microsoft) Throw in some relevant statistics about your business to convey that you are the clear choice to do business with. For example, you could say “We manage several hundred stores in your local area and our average sales exceed $200,000 a year.” or “Our founder started 2 successful businesses prior to this one and has helped over 3,000 businesses in Victoria since 2009.” These statements will help you gain their attention and build more trust with them. Now you can employ the “5 yes” technique. Here is how it works:

  • You: “Earlier you said ___, when I asked ___ is that correct?”
  • Prospect: “Yes”

Do this a total of 5 times to re-iterate the logical and emotional reasons they admitted to wanting to buy from you. They are now in a position of saying “no” to themselves, their own goals rather than saying no to paying you. You are therefore in the best position to make them an offer they literally can’t refuse!


We hope this article has given you an insight on how to Turn Leads into Sales Appointments.