With Sponsored Posts, not only can you get in front of more people, you can target the ideal audience for your business. Read on to learn how to sponsor your posts in just a few steps!

Why would you need to Sponsor Your Facebook Post? Well, unless you’ve advertised your Facebook page nobody other than your close friends and family knows you even exist.

Before you can Sponsor your Facebook post, you’ll have to prepare one first. The example we will use today is for a local Salesman/Auctioneer. We’ve gone for simplicity for this example and kept it short and direct, but you can dress it up however you think will appease your audience.

Once you’ve prepared the post you’ll see a Boost button. Click it and go to the next step.

Sponsor Your Facebook Post

You will see a list of audiences Facebook will try to target. Choose whichever makes sense for you. Or you can use the Create New Audience option. This can be very helpful in pin-pointing your preferred audience based on age, location and interests.

Sponsor Your Facebook Post

By scrolling down, you’ll see options to set your post a budget, duration and payment methods among other things. This is also where you get a rough idea of how many people will see your Sponsored Facebook Post.

Once you’ve reviewed your boosted post, click Save Changes

Sponsor Your Facebook Post

In a few minutes Facebook will send you a notification confirming the successful boosting of your post.

That’s it! You’ve successfully Sponsored your Facebook post. Remember to regularly track the post to see how you can improve it in the future.


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