A website is the face of your business or brand on the internet. Some experts argue Facebook has taken over this role, nevertheless it’s always better you have a dedicated website; even if it’s just a one-pager. In this post we’ll explore the question: Should I Build My Own Website?

Every website needs a Domain Name (www.yoursite.com) and Web Hosting, which is what the domain name is linked to and enables your content to be viewed.  We’ll briefly explain a few ways this can be achieved below:


Hosting it Externally

Platforms like www.squarespace.com and www.wix.com make it easy to build websites without being too technical. They provide a range of page templates to choose from and their “Drag and Drop” functionality makes it ideal for the average Joe/Jane to build their very own website with pretty straight-forward steps.


  • Easier to use for most people
  • Can save you a tonne of time


  • Can be more costly


Hosting it Yourself

A platform like WordPress on the other hand is a little bit more involved. You will need to manage your Domain Name and Hosting. This method is generally suited for seasoned Web Developers who need access to the back-end.


  • Cheaper to run
  • More access to the back-end


  • Higher difficulty
  • Needs to be maintained


Get it Done Overseas

Then you have the option of outsourcing the website. Many people know about www.fiverr.com or www.freelancer.com where you can get websites done fairly cheaply. This method is very hit and miss and there can be many problems.


  • You might get lucky and find an amazing developer
  • It could save you a lot of time


  • Language barrier
  • Different time-zones
  • Delayed responses


Get it Done Locally

So you don’t have time to deal with foreigners or learn to make a website? There is one more option.. You hire Northern Media to build it for you!


  • Affordable websites
  • Fast responses
  • Local knowledge
  • Understanding your requirements


Let’s get in touch today!


We hope this post has helped answer the question Should I Build My Own Website?