Today we interviewed the local business owner of The Remote Man. We discussed the services they provide, the challenges they face and their plans for the future.

nmedia: “Thanks for sparing time from your busy day to speak with us, Murat. Lets get right into it.”

nmedia: “What products and services does The Remote Man provide its customers?”

murat: “It’s a mobile-based service that consists of key cutting for house keys, automotive, diagnostic transponder and remote programming for newer vehicles, garage and gate remotes.”


nmedia: “How and why did The Remote Man come about?”

murat: “I started out working for large franchise key cutters inside the shopping centres With over 8 years experience in the industry, it’s lead me to want to be my own boss. I love the work that I do.”


nmedia: “How does The Remote Man differ from other similar businesses in your industry?”

murat: “I think the key point of difference for my business has to be that I am Mobile. There are many key cutters around but not too many are flexible to move around like I am. When a customer is stuck at work or just can’t leave the house for the day, my mobile service is ready to take on the task. It’s probably the key factor in why people choose to call me”


nmedia: “Who does The Remote Man aim to service?”

murat: “My business is here to service everyone in almost all areas.  Whether the job is for normal house keys or setting up agreements with large car dealers, I’m always ready to take it on!”

the remote man

nmedia: “What is the hardest part of managing The Remote Man?”

murat: “The hardest part of managing my business would be the work load.  Being a one man business, it can get a bit tough travelling a throughout the day and making sure all jobs are done efficiently.”


nmedia: “What plans does The Remote Man have for the future?”

murat: “I plan to expand my business in the later stages and possibly look at getting a store and another van on the road.”


nmedia: “Does The Remote Man have a budget for advertising?”

murat: “I usually spend between $150 – $250 on advertising weekly.”


nmedia: “Would The Remote Man benefit from an online presence?”

murat: “My business would definitely benefit with online advertising, in this day and age it’s the first place people turn to for anything. I can confidently say at least 70% of my work comes from online advertising.”


nmedia: “It’s been a pleasure to talk to you today, Murat. Thanks for your time and we wish you good luck in the future!”

murat: “No problem, thanks!”

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Thanks for joining us today. We hope that this short interview has helped locals get a more in-depth insight into the business.

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