We had a chat with Aqib from Kidd Suave, a media production business based in Melbourne. Here is the interview:

Kidd Suave

What products and services does your business provide its customers?

We offer all Media production needs, from videography, photography, graphic design, sound production, website development and marketing.


How and why did your business come about?

It came about completely through our passion and hobbies.


How does your business differ from other similar businesses in your industry?

We use professional equipment and have the best crew. We also don’t charge a fortune for anything.


Who does your business aim to service?

We aim to service everyone who needs media production.


Kidd Suave


What is the hardest part of managing your business?

The most difficult part is managing numerous jobs on a daily basis.


How does your business acquire new customers?

Usually word of mouth and Social Media.


What plans does your business have for the future?

The plan is to make documentaries full time.


Kidd Suave


Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Asuave.production/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kiddsuave/


We hope that this short interview has helped locals get a more in-depth insight into the business.

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