Advertising comes in many forms today and unlike in the past, we now have virtually endless digital channels to utilize! Here’s how to Increase Awareness for Small Business.

Use social media to your advantage

The popularity of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube have become a blessing for advertisers. Not only has it improved the overall process of advertising; it’s also brought large groups of audiences together on a common platform to advertise to.

Obviously creating a page on Facebook or an account on Twitter isn’t magically going to promote your business. It will take a dedicated effort on your part to keep them active AND relevant to your target audience.

The content you have and the way you present that will depend on your business but before you get ahead of yourself, you need to acquire these customers in the first place!

Start an email campaign

Some of you may be thinking, “Aren’t email campaigns like outdated and just really annoying?” We’ll yes and no. Email campaigns are said to have a significantly high number of “opens” compared to other forms of advertising.

More often than not, subscribers will be opening the email even just for a few seconds to see if anything interests them.

Emails are still one of the most direct and simple forms of advertising with an extremely high potential to turn subscribers into paying customers.

See our post on How to avoid getting your Emails Marked as Spam.

Write blogs

Many well-known websites have a blog these days, ever wondered why that is? Firstly its a pretty professional way to keep your audience up to date on whats going on in your business. The other reason is that blogs are a great way to attract potential customers to your website.

When you have relevant keywords, phrases and content on your website, it helps search engines like Google to index your website in a specific area of interest and therefore your blog posts have a higher possibility of coming up in your target audiences’ search results.

When you have great content in your blog it gives other popular websites a reason to link to your website which again increases your chances of coming up in search results.

Make it personal

So you’re out there creating Facebook posts, using hashtags on Instagram, tweeting your heart out but remember one thing: Make it personal! With the amount of advertising we’ve all been exposed to over the years, the average user today is pretty savvy in filtering out ads that don’t have any relevance to them.

Are you promoting food? Simply posting a photograph of a chocolate bar on a white frame is not enough to entice most people. Dress up the photo so that people can relate to and imagine eating that chocolate bar in their daily lives.

Maybe take a photo of someone biting into the bar while having coffee with a special someone. See how much more effective that could be?

Measure & Review

Perhaps the most often overlooked part of advertising is taking a calculated approach by measuring and reviewing your results. If you don’t know how your business was performing before you started advertising, then how will you know which of your advertising efforts are actually being effective?

It goes without saying that you should be advertising in every channel that’s available to you. No single channel of advertising is ever enough if you’re really serious about making a difference.

Facebook and Google have developed excellent dashboards and tools to assist you in your advertising campaigns. Use them to the fullest and keep an eye on which strategy is increasing your sales and which aren’t.

I hope these advertising tips for small business have been informative.