We had a chat with Paul, from North West Hose & Fittings who was kind enough to answer some of our interview questions.


What products and services does North West Hose & Fittings provide its customers?
We provide Hydraulic hose replacement on-site or at the customer’s premises. We also work on any type of machinery whether its small or heavy duty.

How and why did North West Hose & Fittings come about?
Was working for a company and they decided that they did not want to do the van work any more and concentrate on the wholesale side and offered me the van business to buy and that was 22 years ago now. The rest is history.

North West Hose & Fittings - servicing a sweeper

How does North West Hose & Fittings differ from other similar businesses in your industry?
Small, personal contact is the difference. If you ring North West Hose and Fittings you will always get me. I still say, “it’s the person, not the color of the shirt or van that you drive.”

Who does North West Hose & Fittings aim to service?
Anybody that needs hoses replaced, small or big business it doesn’t matter.

What is the hardest part of managing North West Hose & Fittings?
Being a service industry you need to be there 24/7 so holidays are very hard to take and making sure you stay on top of your overdue invoices.

How does North West Hose & Fittings acquire new customers?
Most of my work is word of mouth going back to “the person, not the color of the van you drive.”

What plans does North West Hose & Fittings have for the future?
The plan is to keep the doors open and keep up good sales figures. A person once told me “Work on your business, not for your business” and that’s what drives me.

Thanks for chatting to us today, Paul. We hope you achieve your business goals!

North West Hose & Fittings operates all over Melbourne and is based in Romsey.

Contact them on 0411 554 368 today!

North West Hose & Fittings - servicing big machinery

We hope that this short interview has helped locals get a more in-depth insight into the business.

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