Okay, maybe not spamming customers per se – most good email host providers will shun and restrict this type of behavior. (Refer to our post on 6 Steps to Avoid Getting Your Email Marked as Spam) – but consider the example of a weekly newsletter. Many email advertisers believe that over-exposing their business to their loyal customers would result in some customers unsubscribing from said newsletter.

At first thought this sounds logical, but what clever marketers don’t tell you is that these people who eventually “unsubscribe” from your email list have actually helped you filter the truly loyal customers. These people will have a higher likelihood of buying your products or services. WOW, isn’t that useful? After all, what good is a list of “customers” if they aren’t paying customers?

This strategy will also work with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts. What if instead of posting once a day on your social networks, you posted 10 times a day? How much worse could it possibly be for your business if the products or services you promote are amazing? If people love your products they will have no problem with liking & sharing every damn post. If your service is excellent, they will tag their friends to show how much they appreciate it.

It’s a tried and true science that posting at specific times of the day yields different results. This just confirms the fact that it’s not enough to only post in the morning or only post at nights. You need to be posting at all times of the day to be most effective! As Grant Cardone would say “Love me or hate me baby, at least now, you know me!”

This concept may be difficult for some to grasp, but those familiar with Grant’s work will understand why it’s necessary to get your business in front of as many potential clients as frequently and directly as possible, even if it means weeding out the ones who were never going to buy off you in the first place!


Is this an outrageous claim?

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