Today we take a look into a local business that’s been running for the last 20 years; Freshplus Supermarkets.


Freshplus is often referred to as a Turkish supermarket. In fact, while they do have a variety of products from Turkey, they also cater to the broader Middle Eastern market. Their customers do their local grocery shopping with the added convenience of experiencing a piece of the Middle East and finding Halal meat and Deli products in every store. They have a store each in Roxburgh Park, Dallas and Meadow Heights respectively.

dallas entrance


Situated at 159 Blair St, Dallas Shopping Centre, it was their first retail outlet to open in February of 1998. Before we all came to know it as Freshplus Supermarkets, they underwent through a few name changes such as: AUR Food-Rite, Food Town and Food-Way. For a few years times were tough. Freshplus had to make drastic changes to keep the business afloat with new leadership and improved processes.

freshplus supermarkets products

By focusing their efforts, Freshplus later began to grow a stronger presence and started to capitalize on their leading position in the heart of the Turkish population in Melbourne. Since then they’ve made a number of in-store improvements to help the presentation and functioning of the stores.

freshplus supermarkets rewards

Customers are spoilt for choice with stiff competition in recent years, but with the help of it’s Rewards Program and community based culture, Freshplus has done well to gain and hold on to its market share in the space.


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Thanks for joining us today. We hope that this short editorial has helped locals get a more in-depth insight into the business.

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