A big part of promoting, advertising, marketing is to repeat your message in as many ways as possible without it looking like spam.

With promoting events, you should focus on 3 main phases: The promotions leading up to the event, event coverage and summarizing the event. Read on to learn how to Effectively Promote Events on Facebook.


Effectively Promote Events for Business

Phase #1 Before

Ideally you want to start promoting your event at least a few weeks before the big day. In the lead up to your big day, you can do the following:

  • Create eye-catching, informative promotional material
  • Send the promotional material to your emailing list regularly
  • Create a Facebook Event and Boost it so people can start RSVPing to the event
  • Post on Facebook about the event regularly to keep the event in people’s minds (give the posts a story, so they don’t just look like spam)

Phase #2 During

Ok, so now that the Big Day is finally here, you want to cover as much of the event as possible. Take plenty of quality photos and videos keeping in mind you will need them in the final Phase. Sometimes running a Facebook Live on your page can be really engaging with your fans. It will give them a chance to interact with you as you live stream the event and provide valuable feedback on what they’re feeling.

Phase #3 After

When the event is done and dusted, you want to be summarizing the event. This is where all those photos and videos you took will come in handy. You could post up photos a week after the event, thanking everybody who participated. Another week later you could post a video from the event explaining how fun it was. Two months later you could say something like “Throwback to when we had [name of event]“. If you play your cards right, you’ll have content for your Facebook page for weeks on end.

Effectively Promote Events for Business

Using this approach for each of your events can help increase online & in-person engagement with your business. Now that you know how to effectively promote events on Facebook go and give it a go! We’re sure you’ll be pleased. Alternatively, you can contact us to discuss what Northern Media can offer your business.